Prayer Concerns

Following are prayer concerns recently shared by and about our members, their families and friends.  If you know of someone with a need for prayer who is not listed on this page, it may be because that person has asked that his/her concerns not be made public.  If you have questions, please call the church office at (336) 625-3227 or contact

Prayer Concerns of FPC members
Jim Banta
Joe Bell
Chris Corsbie
Doris Miller
Claire Reedy
Tim Allgood
Lonnie Richardson
Doug Aitken
Christina Horne
Darlene Moore
Judy Morgan

Family & Friends of FPC Members & Staff
Jimmy  Dunn, brother of Matt Dunn
Buddy Harrington, father of Tina Webster
Kenny Trogdon, father of Amy Reddick
Adrian Diaz
Wilma Nath, sister of Jim Webster
Kyler Jones, FPC Preschool student