Prayer Concerns

Following are prayer concerns recently shared by and about our members, their families and friends.  If you know of someone with a need for prayer who is not listed on this page, it may be because that person has asked that his/her concerns not be made public.  If you have questions, please call the church office at (336) 625-3227 or contact 

Prayer Concerns of FPC members
Laurie Martin died on Dec. 6th
Sue Caison, mother of Jeff Caison, died Nov. 19th
Myrtle Threadgill, mother of Tony Threadgill, died Nov. 16th
Carol Burrow
Doug Aitken
Nicole Barr
Kevin Barr
Angie Barr
Dannie Rich
Kathy Lyndon
Dan Lewallen
Arch Garner
Gail Speering
Christina Horne
Carol Church
Darlene Moore
Judy Morgan
Martha Lindsay
Peggy & Maury Price
Jim Biggers
Duane Zorn
Family & Friends of FPC Members & Staff
The family of Katie Bunch
Mackenzie Huskey, granddaughter of Jane Huskey
Mack Medford, grandson of Jeff & Dana Caison
Shawn Griffin, employee of Greg Russell
Chris Lapierre, son-in-law of Sheri Zarin
Jettie Lovell, mother of Mark Lovell 
Jan Henrikson, sister of Roy Barr
Stephanie Jarrell
Sarah Moore, mother of Virginia Moore
Adrian Diaz
Julie Webster, mother of Carl Schauble
Don Morgan, brother of Rick Morgan
George Morgan, son of Rick & Judy Morgan
Bill Canter, brother of Jim Canter
Patsy Canter, mother of Lori Trotter
Helen Hawkes, mother of Barbara Smith
Boyce & Carol Cox, parents of Lisa Farlow
Kyler Jones, FPC Preschool student
Mike Lovin, brother of Tim Lovin